Community Partners

All organizations, community and faith groups, and local businesses are invited to host Peace Week Milwaukee events during the week of August 14-21. We encourage you to collaborate with musicians, artists, guest speakers/panelists and others to create opportunities for celebration, education and discussion focused towards peace and sustainability … and of course great food!

Information about community partners participating in Peace Week Milwaukee will be added to this page, so check back or contact us with your ideas and plans

Milwaukee Peace Corps Association
Milwaukee, WI
Since 1961, Peace Corps Volunteers have promoted peace and friendship worldwide. The Milwaukee Peace Corps Association (MPCA) is a community of current, former, and future Peace Corps volunteers and families who continue to promote Peace Corps ideals through cultural education and the support of both local and international development organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area.
Milwaukee Public Theatre
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Public Theatre has its roots in a profound belief in the arts as a healing resource that must be available to all people, regardless of age, ability/disability, culture, ethnicity or income level.
Mispibo Fitness
services for self-care through fitness and nutrition
PeppNation Sports Leadership Camps
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Mission: To provide the highest quality mentoring environments for student athletes of all ages and genders. Ultimately leveraging there talents to offset the rising cost of higher education.
Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
Milwaukee, WI
Weaving Our Stories Into Community.
School Sisters of St. Francis
Milwaukee, WI
We commit ourselves to be instruments of peace. We live that peace within community and in collaboration with others in a multicultural world.
Serve 2 Unite
Milwaukee, WI
Our Mission: To make the practice of peace an attractive and valuable way of life to students, transforming school environments via fearless creativity & compassion, in interdependent partnership with local & global peace efforts.
Sikh Temple of Wisconsin
Oak Creek, WI

The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin was established on October 1, 1997. It started with a few families and the sangat (congregation) gathered in the rental community halls in the south side of Milwaukee. In October 1999 Sikh Temple of Wisconsin was formally established in the 441 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee location. At this time there are 450-500 people in the congregation. The hall and parking lot had outgrown the needs of the Sangat and a new Gurdwara was built in Oak Creek to better serve the needs of the growing community.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin bought 13 acres of land at 7512 S Howell Ave near the airport in Oak Creek. The construction of 17,500 sq feet Gurdwara was completed on April 13th 2007. This beautiful brick building has a library, educational area for children, play area and ample parking. It provides space for childcare of infants and small children. There are instruction in reading, writing and speaking of Punjabi language with a recently started mentoring program. There are accommodations for visiting ragi jathas (priests) from around the country and the world.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin has collaborated with the Rangla Punjab organization, which organizes gidha, bhangra and many other cultural activities and represents the Sikh community in various local and national cultural competitions.

The Spirit of Tea LLC
working to foster exploration of the world of teas and botanicals through interactive educational and communal experiences
Keeping The Peace, Balancing the Spirit Within, Mastering The Self