Arts @ Large, Inc.

Arts @ Large, Inc.
908 South 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 763-7379

Since 2001, Arts @ Large has engaged K-12 students in experiential learning that inspires knowledge and transforms education. Our nationally-recognized program uses the arts to cultivate vibrant, inclusive, innovative school communities where students excel and grow.


  • Guiding school leadership teams to craft unique programmatic themes that fit the needs of their students, families and the school community.
  • Developing innovative partnerships with the artist community, higher education, community organizations and the business community to provide in-depth student experiences.
  • Crafting professional development for teachers and artists that help to transform curriculum design into arts-rich experiential learning that meets the needs of a diverse student-body.
  • Engaging families and communities in celebrating student work through exhibitions, performances and community events.

Students who participate in the Arts @ Large program are actively engaged in the design and implementation of their own, individualized learning environment. As the vehicles to tell their stories, students select from film, photography, theatre, spoken word poetry, fine arts, and dance.

Whether school themes focus on civil rights and equality, environmental responsibility, building literacy skills or creating safe, nonviolent school communities, students begin the process with research, tell their stories through their own creative outlet, and culminate the experience by celebrating their achievements with family and friends.

Our program is provided at NO COST to schools. We depend on the financial support and in-kind goods and services we receive from our hundreds of foundation, corporation and individual partners.

Schools receive comprehensive services that include teacher and artist training, and research excursions to the multitude of museums, organizations and higher education partners we are fortunate to have in the Greater Milwaukee area. Hundreds of artist residencies are scheduled each school year and summer that integrate the arts across all content areas and grade levels, and we provide supplies and equipment to implement innovative student-driven projects.
Arts @ Large transforms the way teachers teach, and students learn.